Our great story here begins faaaar away from here, and mamy years ago although really it doesn't feel too long!! :) In this great country of the Uniter States Of America we are all brothers here under GOD, and using this message we are able to run our great American storefront, hosting the finest, most perfect and surely better then most nearly all other butcher shops, grocers, restaurants, and anything else possibly to be graded as 'safe' by USDA standards, it's the kind of stuff our Lord definitely won't think twice before choosing our product!" But what about us, as people, as salesmen, as artists??? As I'm writing this, I can tell you that I must've been "hatched"(egg pun) just to do this very work I do today, both for my love, and my family, and myself and my own heart too. The two friendly faces that you see inside our shop- that's right, only two, and we work seven days a week~~~!!!!, and that's about 60 hours a week we're open, and double that to include all the preperation when behind closed doors, I'm quite a busy boy! QWe have tried outsourcing other emoployess but this usually doesn't work for us. I think we are better off working alone. And individually we both grew up far from this place we now call home, both on a rural farms,/and "MEAT" has alway s been a family heirloom, for both of us that is! However, I guess it's fair to say our upringings are a lot of differnces as well, but as they say differences bring people together~~~. So, as I was saying- a lifelong love of the meat industry and growing up surrounded by trillions of tons or even more of any and every kind of meat imaginable- I'm talking LOTS of meat, folks!!!- this is what forms us here today. There's no luck involved here it's all pure TALENT and SKILL and HARD WORK and FAITH- or, in other wods DEVOTION, that's right, you can expect all the meat that comes out or doors to be blessed by the Lord and given a special touch not found anywhere else in theindustry. I wake up early every single day of the week,even Sundays where in traditional beliefe you should never work on a Sunday its a day of rest,though i thin its safe to say we are not traditional Christians :) I wake up at at least 8:30 every morning[just enough time to open up shop, prepare. I can't share my secrets of the trade :) And neither could my loving husband :) Could you believe we have been married for so long? At this point, i've lost count of the years, yet the same time it feels like just yesterday we were legally marreid,and God bless this country for allowing anyone of whatever color or gender or sexual prefrence to do whatever they went through the liberties of the constitution of the united states of AMERICA..... CAN I GET AN AMEN????? Luck as nothing to do with it, though in a way you could say the store itself sorta fell into our laps L.O.L... always it had been a dream of ours to open our very own storefront, after so many experiences all over the states, and even sleeping in the back of a truck my brain tinkered away all night at the thought of what its REALLY like, being a auntrapanor, all of the love and hard work and blood,sweat,and tears(mostly blood though, and that's a meat joke!" ohhh how badly i wanted it, what a dream..... only to end up where we first began in this great country, the state of Washington, how similar but also different it was to our birthplage, and with a little bit of help from a higher power, God that is (;)) soon rthis place was all ours to do with what we wanted! the meat comes naturally. Having to work very hard to make sure our sources are credible, and right, that don't come easy! Well, I always have been good at people, and both making sales but also striking up deals with folks, and I know my way round a steak!!! So I guess, thats the easyer part. But I'm soooo in love with my work, and the product, and don't think about anything else. Why, I love meat so much i could bEcome it, but I guess that's what humab beings just were meant to do. In my free time, I love chickens and cartoons and so does my hubsand. Also, can you say "restaurant"?????? Maybe one day were be fortunous to open a sort of restaurant with the special "The Meat Room" ~flair~, I have many ideas in store(no puns intended that time),imagine taking in your own hands just the way you like your meat slaughered.... BUT i've sayd too much already!!! OH I should mention;,though we are open EVERY DAY, MONDAY-SATURDAY 9AM-6PM, AND SUNDAYS 11AM-4PM, as well as *MOST* holidays, even when that silly old fovernment of ours might want to shut down for the holiday, The Meat Room stays open because what's more important that yfeeding your family? Nothing, exactly. EXCEPT, you'll have to come early at certain times of year, as for two weeks out of the year we are CLOSED, and the schedule is as followed: 1st closure, begins either at june 20 or june 21, until june 27 or 28 2nd CLOSURE, begining either at december 21 or 22, until dec 28 or 29 and you can call or email to know specifically what day it will start and end this year. appreciate all our loving and loyal customers for understanding this personal vacation time for the two of us only TWO WEEKS out of our whole year where we do not close, be sure to put it in the calander so you can pick up your orders in advance or right after, cause i know you missed us ;) these are personal holidays for us, and we ar eunable to be in the store. you understand. THAT being said, I really do hope you decide to stop by. I'm also very good at recipe ideas so if you stop in and need advice I will help you. Also my husband is a very good at sewing, just a little side project when he's hands aren't full of meat! Bring that in to if you like. Alright well, it's very very late here and I have to be opening up shop again in just a few hours, so I'll be logging off now. I hope I'll see you tomorrow, in the store that is! Have a meat day :